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About Us

Preparing for your success, we provide truly effective IT solutions.

We help transform the world's businesses into vigorous, agile businesses that have real effects to the world as thier target group exist and ready to accept thier solutions, as no limits of technology being known till now so you can absolutly make your dream IT systems for your business today with us.

As for the startup entrepreneurs passionate and has their ideas that they believe in from Saudi Arabia we are absolutely support them and giving them the best offers.

What we do?

We produce a high level IT solutions for your business structured in a multiple types such as Web development for both Frontend and Backend sides as we do make APIs & Mobile Apps and such as so.

Our mission & vission

Aiming on the way that can produce high level of technical solution is one of the main mission on SultanCode as we don't like to make low level technical solutions, that's why we have to be creative.

Who we are?

We are a legal company (LLC) in Saudi Arabia born in AL-Medina city, and we are holding couple of platforms under SultanCode that helps with different areas, as we also do IT Solutions for other businesses.

Our team members

Our team is not limited at all, as we hire people online where Human Resources department on SultanCode make online interviews to check whether or not they are able to hold the job.

Early Formative Years

There was a person who is working on multiple projects and platforms for many years. by the time his customers are growing and the market requirements of technology being more needed by the time that's where "SultanCode" organization have been born by this person.

For several years we have experience on multiple things such as Web development, App development, Security, RTC, Video Game Development and much more that's why we are here today.

The Growth Trajectory

We are planning to make our growth much faster with some strategies as our business stands for B2B (Business To Business) which needs a different way of marketing to influence more businesses and be the first idea cames to thier mind in IT.

Our plans is to reach more businesses in more cities even though we started from AL-Medina City as our business can be done online we are offering our services all around the world.

+966 55 393 2039

We're using the number as a Whatsapp number to contact our customers at the moment where some employers ready to answer questions.

Contact now

To make requests for further information, contact us via our social channels.