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Careers FAQ

01. What are the CV needs?

We do focus on the creativity as SultanCode is a creative and productive company, so when we are checking the CVs we aim very much on the style and organize level of the document as we also focus on how much experience do you have in one specific area that we think it's fit you.

02. Should I own a degree?

In SultanCode hiring is not based on the degree level, we hire people based on their knowledge & we do make workshops for who are interested on a specific thing giving the option to find talented people and give them opportunity to make an income and experience.

03. Do you hire students?

We do hire students in SultanCode as of the reason that makes students gain experience while they are studying in a collage/school such as we don't also focus on the age as long as understanding the job is fine. For students we give them a weekly hours of work to finish a specific works so they can balancing between study & work.

04. Why work here?

Work in SultanCode is like working as a free person where we focus more on the online working so we give a way of working such as Time/per day to end a specific todo list/works, for some employers we give them a list of works they can go with (ex. frontend: App's landing page design for $0.00, Personal website design for $0.00, etc...) so everyone can select one project to go with.

05. Benefits of work here?

We are helping our employees get the as most experience as they can from working with us, we make it easy to work with us which give employers the ability to leave in any time for those who are studying or has a commitments. we work as a not forced jobs.

06. What jobs do you offer?

Generally we provide Information Technology Solutions which includes Web development, App development, Big data, Machine learning, Cyber security, IoT, Artificial intelligence, etc... so we are not limited as we also hold multiple platforms that managed and owned under SultanCode.