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SultanCode Privacy Policy

Last modified: December, 2, 2019


SultanCode are not limited to find & develop IT Solutions for other companies/organizations/individuals, SultanCode are also developing and holding multiple of platforms which they found it helpful.

That is why we have to introduce quantity of general privacy policy points as we can’t provide a range of age we aiming on or such that.

Visiting logs

Our systems able to study how visitors use and navigate in our website by registering the actions they took on the website.

Your contacting info

We are allowing anyone to contact us via our official website where we produce contact forms and pages in several pages making contact with us more easier, we may save contact information in our systems as a big data to be able to make some agent studies and make use of marketing by sending back to this data’s contact information as retargeting or such that as we also make some systems to trade data for any reason ex.share analysis based on this information.

General Platforms

We do collect contact information from our customer/visitors from the other platforms based on the platform’s ideation as we may request email/phone number/any contact place for activation or sending back some information they want, then we store there contact information we took from them.

Account Privacy

SultanCode Accounts' data are saved on databases securely where we securely hashing passwords as we provide a secure level system which deny others from accessing it other than local connections, we promise you that we are trying our best to make your information safe but as the technology developing we provide a department for trying to keep in touch with the world's new technologies and strategies such as hijacking strategies to develop our systems being more secure.

What data we collect

SultanCode collecting any data from any of its platforms they feel important for improving their services and systems for any of platforms it holds, as it also use it for marketing purposes and studying users agent.